About Mission Beach / Pacific Beach

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Mission Beach

South of La Jolla, Mission Beach is a peninsula with the ocean to the west and Mission Bay to the east. With miles of coast up and down its entire length, there is more beach than you’ll know what to do with. It is also within walking distance of every kind of restaurant you’d want, plenty of bars, and every vacation amenity you can imagine.

Parasailing, kayaking, surfing, massage, sport and recreation; you name it, Mission Beach has it.

Pacific Beach

Between La Jolla and Mission Beach is Pacific Beach; a larger area with less ocean coastline but close driving or walking distance to beaches on Mission Bay and the Pacific. PB, as it is called by locals, has its own unique feel, with access to shops and great restaurants just like Mission Beach.

The two areas are close enough to one another that we have grouped their descriptions together, because staying in one still means access to the great features of the other.


Belmont Park

This great amusement park rests right in the heart of Mission Beach. With roller coasters, games, bumper cars, bars, and even an escape-the-room all in the same plaza, you can’t come to San Diego without at least paying a visit.

The Wave House

The Wave House in Mission Beach is an amazing location where you can experience something truly unique. With a bar and food, you can eat and drink while watching surfers use the Wave House’s machine-generated waves for incredible boarding. And of course, you can join in yourself! No experience needed. With different difficulty options depending on skill level, anyone, even kids, can have a blast riding these waves.


Everyone has heard of SeaWorld, but it is only on rare occasions that one is lucky enough to go. Finding yourself in San Diego is one of those occasions. Don’t miss the chance to get up close to dolphins, whales, and all sorts of aquatic life. The park also has roller coasters and, naturally, water rides. This is absolutely a must-see.

Old Town

Old Town San Diego is a historic state park, located at the very first American settlement in California. Walking into Old Town feels like stepping into another world. With historic buildings, specialty shops, a haunted house, and the most authentic Mexican food in California, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not visit.

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